One Year In 52 Books: My Four Books On The Go This Month – #AmReading September
Published on September 4, 2022
published on September 4, 2022

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: books can be your best friends, keeping you company and helping you to dream, and your pocket mentors – every page a mini-lesson waiting to be absorbed – #amreading September



Hello and welcome, September. And what a glorious summer it was with the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and The Women European Championship.

I hope you had a great time too my lovely readers and the reading community.

It is time again for me to share more book recommendations, again a mix and match of fiction and nonfiction, classics and modern alike. Back to work.




The average CEO reads 52 books per year – that’s one book every week. My four books on the go this month – #amreading September – are:




The first book is The Mary Westmacott Stories by Agatha Christie, #TheWomanAlchemist for this month.  Albeit Christie is incredibly famous for her clever crime books and plays, she also wrote six bittersweet and very personal novels under the pseudonym of Mary Westmacott. These are about affairs of the heart and as captivating and unique as the best of her crim work.




The Winner Brain by Jeff Brown and Mark Fenske shows us the science behind motivation, focus, and outstanding achievement and identifies eight essential so-called “win factors” including why the key to success really is all in your head (you see where I am going with this? I did write a book called STOP IT! It is all in your head after all 😉 )

The book includes many interviews with successful people and winners in their own right and shows you how you can unlock your own hidden potential and give yourself an edge.
It is a mix of cutting-edge scientific research paired with practical actionable tips. A winner, for sure.


Fanocracy by David Meerman Scott is a book I first discovered when attending one of Tony Robbin’s workshops; David was one of the speakers with a very interesting session about marketing. He is truly compelling and inspirational in person, and I had to buy the book.

What he says is the most powerful marketing force in the world isn’t social media and all other gismos but fans. That’s right! Fans.

In the book, he explores why some brands attract not just customers but raving fans and others do not. The key is creating a ‘fanocracy’ (a new word, I know) which involves putting the needs and wishes of fans ahead of other priorities rather than squeezing every penny from each interaction with the customers.



Michaela Coel is a BAFTA, Royal Television Society, Broadcasting Press Guild and NAACP prize-winning actor, screenwriter and director. ‘Misfits’ is her first book based on a speech she delivered in 2018 when she was invited to give the MacTaggart Lecture at the prestigious Edinburgh Television Festival, together with an introduction and conclusion to give context.

She talks about growing up, writing for and making television to celebrate her otherness, the Misfit badge she proudly discovered and shared with a group of friends at school and which has gone on to shape and define her for better or worse.

I can only imagine the impact this speech had when it was delivered. There is some anger together with celebrating who you are and not giving up what makes us unique, all sprinkled with humour and humbleness about her learning journey. A great manifesto to have and read.



PS: the last Trilogy in the adventures of Gabrielle, my contemporary romance series, For Three She Stays is OUT on 13 September, and available to PRE-ORDER now both as a Trilogy and as individual books :

Enjoy x


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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