E-Cubed : 9 more easy to do experiments to prove that manifesting  magic and miracles is real. Are you ready?  
Published on February 19, 2019
published on February 19, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: more Law of Attraction and life of experimentation – the more fun you have, the more life works for you


E-Cubed and Art & Soul Reloaded – what a combo!

I  ‘long to live big, be outrageous, to unleash my inner Isadora Duncan‘ (as Pam Grout says in Art & Soul Reloaded). And so I have committed myself to a “yearlong apprenticeship to summon my muses and reclaim my bold, audacious, creative side“. I’m now on week 1 – choosing to follow my bliss.

But I’m also continuing to work with the power of thoughts and energy. And this time taking it to the next level from my previous experimentation with the book E-Squared. I have adopted Grout as my inspiration/teacher, you see.




E-Cubed pushes the thoughts-create-reality-miracle-making-mindset to a whole new level. And here are the nine new experiments :

Experiment 1.    The Boogie-Woogie Corollary

Without cultural training, joy is my natural state. The more fun I have, the better life works.

Experiment 2.    The Red Pill Corollary

Life emanates from you.

Experiment 3.    The Simon Cowell Corollary

Nothing is absolute; only my thinking makes it so.

Experiment 4.    The “I’m Loving, and I Know It”

Being in love with everyone and everything aligns me with the F.(Field of)P. (Potentiality).

Experiment 5. Your New B.F.F. Corollary

Money is nothing but energy and a reflection of my beliefs.

Experiment 6.    The Nature v News Corollary

The field of infinite potentiality offers a divine 24-7 buzz.

Experiment 7.    The “If You Say So” Corollary

I will bring abundance and joy into my life once I stop talking smack about it.

Experiment 8.    The Placebo Corollary

Reality is fluid and constantly changing, reflecting my innermost beliefs.

Experiment 9.    The Yabba-dabba-doo Corollary

Life is miraculous, and I can’t die.

Experiment 1. The Boogie-Woogie Corollary 

This experiment focuses on undoing the paradigm that our observed reality determines how we feel into a new Worldview 2.0. Because Without Cultural Training, Joy is Our Natural State. The More Fun We Have, The Better LifeWorks.
Although it lasts only 72 hours, it sounds like a blast:

  • Firstly use the first five minutes of the day to program the mind for happiness with party songs;
  • Secondly, use movements to embed the song’s happy feeling. Kinaesthetically. AND Like a pump fist in the air. Do a dance shuffle. And so on;
  • Thirdly ask the universe for something to make you L.O.L.;
  • Finally, commit to being grateful for everything that happens for the next three days. And I mean EVERYTHING.

So it is a game for rewiring the brain into new neurological pathways, seeking joy and fun. And I say game on!

Get the book (E-Cubed) and play with me. Life is meant to be fun.

See you tomorrow X


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