From Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill to Thank & Grow Rich By Pam Grout. This Time A 30 Day Experiment In Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy, Time to Start Counting Your Blessings….
Published on April 30, 2019
published on April 30, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: life is an endless experiment full of fun if only you practice shameless gratitude and unabashed joy


From Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill to Thank & Grow Rich By Pam Grout.  This time A 30 Day Experiment In Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy. Time to Start Counting Your Blessings…

I have recently read and experimented my way through Pam Grout‘s books E-Squared + E-Cubed. Two books that could be best described as lab manuals with simple experiments to prove the power of your mind in shaping your reality and your life. You are what you believe and what you say you are and so is your life. I loved them.

I had great fun, and I started manifesting small things, synchronicities and all in all that life are good. You need to choose to focus on that and, as I began to progress through the experiments, life got more groovy too. Life is meant to be easy, fun, and abundant believe it or not.

As I documented and blogged about the two books, Hay House sent me Thank & Grow Rich, the follow-up book (thank you), which takes the whole idea of fun and appreciation/gratitude for what you already have to an entirely new level.

Grout is a confessed PR person for the Universe. An abundant, generous, loving Universe that wants nothing more than to bless us. Guide us, and help us create the most exciting life and version of ourselves.
But we need to vibrate at a higher frequency, the frequency of gratitude and joy.

Well, you should have noticed by now that I don’t just read books – I digest them, assimilate them. And experiment with them. I am now ready to the next level up in the law of attraction/raising my energy/attraction levels. This book is meant to be a 30 Day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy, so here I come.

Quit Thinking; Start Thanking …



A simple gratitude regime with two daily easy steps ( plus some extra party games):

  1. First thing every morning, before doing anything at all, even coffee, that’s right, EVEN before coffee, affirm with enthusiasmSomething amazingly awesome will happen to me today. The first few minutes of every day pre-pave the next 24 hours with expectations says, Grout.
  2. Believe in blessing and miracles and LOOK for them. DAILY. To ensure this happens every day, text/tweet or record somehow three blessings. Some awesomeness in practice.

Each morning, no matter how you feel and whatever is happening, say THE phrase – something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today. And then recognise/text (whatever) three blessings. New ones every day, no cheating.

That’s it!  There are some other so-called party games to have fun with and expand gratitude. But they are optional. The main things are practising positive expectation and joy. And appreciating/recognising all the fantastic little and big things that happen every day which we miss because we are too busy moaning.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I declare May my shameless gratitude and unabashed joy month.
Will you join me?



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Laura Mariani

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