Need A Mentor? Can’t Find One? Tony Robbins Said “If You Want To Be Successful, Find Someone Who Has Achieved The Results You Want, Copy What They Do And You’ll Achieve The Same Results”. Read a book
need a mentor read a book
Published on April 24, 2019
published on April 24, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: books can be your best friends, keeping you company and helping you to dream, and your pocket mentors – every page a mini-lesson waiting to be absorbed – #amreading


Today is a short post with the motto: Need a mentor read a book.

I have written previously about the power of modelling and getting a mentor. I firmly believe that we all need someone to show us the way.

Like Tony Robbins said, “If You Want To Be Successful, Find Someone Who Has Achieved The Results You Want, Copy What They Do, And You’ll Achieve The Same Results”.

I believe that books can have the same power as role models. I have used them many times, and I have adopted some ‘virtual mentors‘ in my never-ending quest for continuous learning and life experimentation.

Like Lawrence BlockWrite For Your Life – The Home Seminar For Writers and Pam GroutE-SquaredE-CubedArt & Soul Reloaded. If you haven’t read the many blogs on my journey, where have you been????).

If you need to solve a problem, answer a question, or learn a new skill, there’s a good chance you can find what you’re looking for in a book. But to make the most of it and find your ‘virtual mentors’, you need to digest the books. Ask them questions – what did the author intend when writing? And then make notes, summarise, underline … Treat them as an experience, a conversation.

And then, most importantly, apply the lessons learnt in your life. Without application, it is just theory (for example, I carried out all the nine experiments in E-Squared and E-Cubed).

Once you learn to do this, you will have never-ending ‘friendships, mentorships’ with the most amazing authors who are always with you.

I’d love to share with you my love for books and bring you in the future reviews and recommendations of books I adore/like and found/find helpful – I hope you’ll love them too.

Life is a never-ending journey, with experiments and lessons at every corner and a book to match them. So if you need a mentor read a book – ready?


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Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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