Who Would Have Thought That How You Feel About Money Affects Your Worth?Tapping Into Wealth By Margareth Lynch – It Is All About The Mind Body Connection #SundayReads #awomansworth
Published on October 13, 2019
published on October 13, 2019

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Who Would Have Thought That How You Feel About Money Affects Your Worth? Tapping Into Wealth By Margareth Lynch – It Is All About The Mind-Body Connection. #SundayReads #awomansworth.

Yesterday I attended ‘A Woman’s Worth Summit’ organised by Stylist Magazine in partnership with NatWest Bank. A day centred around women and their relationship with money. You see, the gap is not just with the #GenderPayGap and women representation on boards. But also in the attitude. And access to finances/investing and so on. Old paradigms still coming through.

Demystifying money and all the talk around it is the first step to absolute equality. Because money is power and being comfortable around it/talking about it/asking for it and wanting to earn (a lot) of money and not feeling either guilty or ashamed of it is a big stepping stone.

Many issues with money stem from societal, religious, and family paradigms. The way we were programmed to think and feel around and about money. These paradigms write the script that manifests in our current money picture, income, savings, and investments (or lack of them).




I wrote about and recommended Tapping Into Wealth and the mind-body connection before. This is not one of those books to just read but one to use repeatedly, working through the scripts until the blocks are cleared. And then do it again.

‘This is not just about money. It is about bringing awareness of, understanding and then letting go of entrenched attitudes that stop us from being our best self’.

A good relationship with money is essential to achieve financial independence/freedom. And, ultimately, true equality.

Get the book and use it with an open mind. I’m sure you’ll have some light bulb moments as you go through it. Then, write back and let me know …

And whilst reading, sign up at Stylist.Link/Womansworth, a digital community created for women to realise their full financial potential. Or check out Refined Currency by Money Mentor Bola Sol, delivering information on debt, budgeting, saving, and making money.

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