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2022 creative business goals
Published on November 28, 2021
published on November 28, 2021

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Hello there, I’m so happy you are here for another of my Behind the Scene blogs. As the calendar gets ready to turn a new page, we get to start again. Right now, it feels like hope is in the air, and I’m ready to embark on the next year of my author journey. Are you ready for a fantastic 2022?

2022 creative business goals


So let’s get into the detail of 2022 with my creative and business goals for the new year.

2021 was another interesting year, so to speak: in and out of lockdown/Covid restrictions lifting and learning to live with the virus.
It was another year re-evaluating work, life and health to make more of the time I have, doing things that bring me joy. And stop doing those things that do not.

Indeed, I evaluated my creative and business life, and I focused a lot on building my author business plan.


a year of consolidation and expansion


I want my 2022 to be a year of consolidation and expansion, creatively (what I write), mentally (what I learn about) and physically in terms of my health/lifestyle and travelling.

The last couple of years have proved the resilience of the global digital, scalable business model and multiple income streams. The accelerated digital transformation in almost every sector and the ramification will continue for years to come.

For me, it has meant looking at my business to be digital-first, become location independent, global and scalable. My main goal is to adopt a long term perspective and focus on creating assets, practices and systems to grow. And establish a fully digitalised business (check out my blog Lesson Learnt). Even more so than when I started my business and writing.

I am not content to write the next book, publish, market and repeat. But I want to, of course, continue to serve this community with helpful information about change and transformation, both from a business perspective (my business blog) and a personal perspective (my self-blog). And continue to advance and support women in business.

There are days when I think if the blog/s are helpful, then I get emails and comments from many of you saying it is worth continuing – so I will be sticking to writing the blogs.

Thank you so much for your support; it keeps me motivated and enthused.


PubIishing wide and direct sales


So I’m doubling down and focusing on digital and letting go of things that require that time for money exchange as much as possible by:

  • publishing wide (multiple platforms and formats)
    • with related content
  • selling direct (books, audiobooks and courses).

This means the next step in my author journey is to streamline my direct sales and better integrate it with my email list and autoresponders.




I’m also going to do early releases, e.g. release my new books and audiobooks first on my direct sales platform before publishing to the other stores because I want to encourage direct sales.

I’m going to continue selling on every single platform (Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo and so on) I can find, of course. But, equally, I want to sell on a platform that I can control and get money from almost immediately, So yes, I am very excited about doubling down on selling direct. Plus, this allows me to establish a direct relationship with you, the readers.


change and transformation


I want to continue to differentiate myself as a writer so that you continue to find value in what I share and also follow my curiosity of course.  So I will continue to write more on the future of work, change & transformation and advancing women in the workplace – my expertise. I have spent after all more than 15 years for global organisations and then as a freelance consultant implementing business change and I will publish more non-fiction books and courses on these subjects.


More fiction to come


After the publication of my first novel/novella Gabrielle at the beginning of this month (thank you so much for all your lovely reviews), there are another nine episodes to come – The nine lives of Gabrielle: For three she plays, for three she strays and for the last three she stays. So watch out for more news!


health and travel


I also have health and travel goals. Unfortunately, as I’m writing this blog, there is a fast-moving new virus strain from South Africa with two cases detected here in the UK, so we will need I’msee what this will mean for us.

I’m hoping to be back in the world next year and have time off later in the year for some much-needed travel family catch-I’m and book research trips ( hey, I’m a writer, everything can be an inspiration for a book, and I can write anywhere).

I plan to have an even better health year (my health is my wealth, so to speak) and do more walking. I love it, and it’s good for me. And some pilates/yoga for flexibility.


financial goals


In terms of financial goals, I, of course, want to grow financially via creating multiple streams of income (multiple books on various platforms, courses)

So, this is it for my 2022 creative business goals. What are yours?

Let me know your goals for 2022 in the comments – we can keep each other accountable in the new year.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.










Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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