Affirmation of the day From Write For Your Life by Lawrence Block: I Can Write Whenever, Wherever And Whatever I Want. You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission Or Approval To Write: It is All Down To You
write for your life day 28
Published on March 17, 2019
published on March 17, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: 30 days to a more powerful self-image – the ultimate work from anywhere hashtag – whenever, wherever and whatever you can write

Write for Your Life Day 28
– I Can Write Whenever, Wherever And Whatever I Want.

Yesterday I had website issues and I couldn’t publish my post/blog. I still wrote and posted the affirmation though…

This is the ultimate realization for me: I CAN write whenever, wherever, and whatever I want because:

  1. I chose to write and I can make the time if I so wish – it is a choice!
  2. I take myself wherever I go and that is all I really need to write. Plus inspiration, stories, and new characters are lurking everywhere.
  3. I can choose what I want to focus on and communicate each day.


An important lesson from Write for Your Life Day 28

You (I) don’t need anyone’s permission to write. You (I) don’t need anyone’s approval of your (my) work. I know the sceptics here might say you need people’s approval to sell your work. Not really: people have to resonate with it, agree/or disagree, you need something to say but not “approval” as such. If you express yourself honestly in your work, it will resonate with someone. Not everyone. But someone for sure. And you’ll also feel better for expressing yourself and for having a voice.

And any time/any place is always the right time and place for your (my) writing.
And that what you may call the ultimate work-from-anywhere hashtag non? Yes, you can write whenever, wherever and whatever you want.
So all it really takes is to decide you want to be a writer and then just do it as Nike says it so well – Liberating!

Write for Your Life Day 28 over.

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The Affirmation is from  Write for Your Life – The Home Seminar For Writers by Lawrence Block.


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