Affirmation of the Day from Write For Your Life by Lawrence Block: my writing enhance all my relationships , you only get out of it what you give , simple non?
write for your life day 4
Published on February 21, 2019
published on February 21, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: 30 days to a more powerful self-image – to be successful, you need to get out of your way


Thirty days to a more powerful self-image, Write For Your Life day 4 – to be successful you need to get out of your way (from Write for Your Life – The Home Seminar For Writers by Lawrence Block).

This is applicable in writing or any other activity: you need to believe in yourself, tell your inner critic to just shut up and get out of your way, or, as I say it, STOP IT! It’s all in your head (Some shameless self-promotion here).

So far, I have read the book ( tick) and gone through the first four days of affirmations (tick, tick, tick, tick):

  1. Writing is Easy and Fun For Me
  2. I Am a Wonderful Person; I Deserve To Succeed
  3. Every Rejection Brings Me Closer To Success
  4. My Writing Enhances All My Relationships.
I must say the process of writing the affirmations morning and evening feels empowering; posting them ( to myself) is a bit weird, but I am doing it (heck, I have committed to unleashing my inner Isadora Duncan this year so who cares if my postman is laughing is head off).
I am also enjoying the process of blogging daily (sorry); like Sinclair Lewis once said: “If you want to be a writer, why aren’t you (at home) writing?”. So here I am, writing, fulfilling the need for self-actualization – silencing my inner critic – doing me and what’s work for me.And what about you? Answers on a postcard;-p…Write for Your Life Day 4 done, see you tomorrow x


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