Affirmation of the day From Write For Your Life by Lawrence Block: My Writing Is Important To Me And Everyone Else – Repeat After Me : “Because I am Worth It” Just Like The L’Oreal Advert
write for your life day 24
Published on March 13, 2019
published on March 13, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: 30 days to a more powerful self-image – everything you do is worth doing


Write for Your Life Day 24 – My Writing Is Important To Me And Everyone Else.

You have all the time you need to write successfully and if you are using time as an excuse not to write, think again.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, being Elon Musk, Beyonce, you and me too. NO difference there.
If you choose not to make the time, it is a choice.

You can carve out of your day (Monday to Friday) a couple of hours each day. Watch less telly, get up earlier, go to bed later, free-write during your lunch, whenever and wherever grabs your fancy…).

Two hours per day is ten hours per week and forty hours of writing each month and three months in a year.
This is an example that Block gives in the book, and it blew my mind away – think about that – three months of full time writing in a year just by taking some time each day.

Block also quotes the Dennis Hensley ( a former professor at Taylor University) IDIOS fallacy.
IDIOS stands for I‘ll DIOSaturday, and he says it is a fallacy because:

  1. you won’t do it
  2. if you do, you’ll hate writing for messing with your weekend.

I couldn’t agree more.

Moreover, the more time you give to your writing, the more time you have for other people (remember every experience enriches your writing, and so every person you meet – pay attention!).
Everything you do is with doing because “You are worth it” – and don’t you ever forget it!

So Write for Your Life Day 24 lesson is: your writing is important – MAKE the time!



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The Affirmation is from  Write for Your Life – The Home Seminar For Writers by Lawrence Block.


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