Affirmations From Write For Your Life by Lawrence Block – The Thirty Days To A More Powerful Self-Image Are Done, Now What? The Final Process : It is Confession Time!
Published on March 20, 2019
published on March 20, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: 30 days to a more powerful self-image now over – it is time to open up


The Thirty Days To A More Powerful Self-Image Are Done. Now What?

Yesterday was the last day of my writing affirmations from Write For Your Life, and I must admit I was a bit sad. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the process, it was fun, and I found a ‘writing rhythm‘ ( and style) documenting my journey simultaneously.

I even enjoyed the slight smirks from my postman when he delivered my postcards each day (with the affirmation). And I smiled softly (poetic description non?;-p) when I received the last card this morning.

I was at a loss today, so I re-wrote ALL the affirmations, one by one, and started thinking about what’s next in this establishing myself as a writer quest.

There are two more handy chapters in the book. Today I am covering and dealing with the one entitled ‘Opening Up’.

Ladies and gents, it is confession time as this section is designed to let you see what it feels like to reveal things about yourself that you might typically want to keep hidden, facing once again your Law. The one that potentially drove you to choose writing as a career/dream, (again I think this can be applied to any profession). And the negative thoughts about yourself.

Quick reminder

Personal Law = the most significant negative belief you hold about yourself.

Pushing further, Block asks that you write at the top of a page Things I would not want people to know about me. Then list absolutely everything you can think of in that subject and then let it go. E.g. destroy the list.

This process was particularly challenging for me. My Law was ‘It is not safe to reveal myself to others. It took me some time to complete the list. And then I destroyed it in two seconds flat.

I do feel extremely light now, though, and, most importantly, I feel I have achieved a level of self-acceptance I’ve never achieved before.

The thirty days to a more powerful self-image might be over but this book is a gift that keeps on giving…


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The Affirmation is from  Write for Your Life – The Home Seminar For Writers by Lawrence Block.


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