‘Art Is A Collaboration Between God And The Artist, And The Less The Artist Does The Better’ Says Andre Gide – See How Easily You Can Write With Dream Journal – New Concept For Inspiration
art is a collaboration
Published on June 9, 2019
published on June 9, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: art opens our eyes and burns through the fog…The journey is the real gift.


Art Is A Collaboration Between God And The Artist, And The Less The Artist Does The Better‘ – Andre Gide.

The true gift of creativity is the doing, the journey: the writing, the painting, the acting…

Art opens our eyes and burns through the fog (of our minds).  A total immersion in the here and now, a communion with the inner self.

Art (and creativity) fulfils our most profound need to express ourselves, be heard, be visible, and force us to open up to a world of wonders.

I know this may sound a bit airy-fairy for many; you may say, ‘I’m not artistic, what’s got to do with me?’.

I am not talking about the art in a museum, distant and aloof; I am talking about learning to express ourselves and being creative, which can be applied to everything  – ‘Creative thinking is simply finding new, improved ways of doing things’  – David Schwartz, The Magic Of Thinking Big.

And in this week Chapter, 15 of Art & Soul Reloaded is all about reaching inside and recognizing recurring patterns, dreams, trends, and symbols for our ‘art’ by keeping a dream journal beside the bed.

It is a stimulus to capture our subconscious mind at work first thing in the morning, an invite to our muse that says: ‘Hey, I’m ready, guide me’. 

How about you? Are you ready to put your dreams on paper and let them inspire you?


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