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The Birthday Month celebration is almost over. Last few days of the Birthday Month Offer Bundle + Surprise. Hurry! – Publishing News & Behind The Scenes Updates From An Independent Creative
May 28, 2023

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Hello there, and welcome back to the May Behind the Scene blog.

It’s my Birthday Month!!! Albeit we are almost at the end of the month,  I am still accepting birthday dinners, lunches, gifts and flowers all month long!! ? ? ?

I love receiving gifts (obviously), but I also like giving, so this month, I have been running promotions and special offers all month.



Birthday Month Offer Bundle 1:

The Nine Lives of Gabrielle, including Gabrielle ( the prequel) + For Three She Plays + For Three She Strays + For Three She Stays and the Shreem Brzee Journal.
All for $ 3.99 (+tax).
A powerful contemporary romance focusing on city life with a dab of billionaire office romance and a strong female lead with backbone, a big heart and a stubborn streak
Click here to get now!

Birthday Month Offer Bundle 2:

The Think Look Act The Part Series + The Monkey Mind Journal and Gratitude Journals (bonus)  for $ 7.99 (+tax).

Success comes from YOU when you change your thinking.

These working books will show you step-by-step how to level up.

In the first 30 days (Think The Part), you work to upgrade your thinking and start, right now, to make winning and pushing against the odds a key part of your lifestyle.

Then, 30 days to upgrade your personal brand, start to LOOK THE PART and make winning and presenting your Best Unique Self a key part of your life, career and business.

Finally, 30 days to overcome the fear of failure and ACT THE PART right now, and make winning and pushing against the odds a key part of your lifestyle.

Click here to get now!

Birthday Month Offer Bundle 3:

Self-love is a habit – continuously choosing to think, say and do what is in your best interest.

We are talking about unconditional, emotional, deep love and passion. The-I-love-you-no-matter-what which we do naturally for partners and children. It’s not that we don’t see their faults (common, we do). However, they are irrelevant and don’t affect our love.

Here are 28 ways to help you do just that with the book, the planner/guided journal and colouring book in a SPECIAL OFFER BUNDLE when bought together for $ 5.99 (+tax).

Click here to get now!

Birthday Month Offer Bundle 4:

Le avventure di Gabrielle dal primo racconto (Dal Diario di Gabrielle) all’ ultimo (Il Più Grande Amore) – le nove vite una dopo l’altra. Una delle offerte speciali per celebrare il mio compleanno questo mese.

In Italian for all Italian Americans, Italians and lovers of the Italian language. All for $ 3.99 (+tax). Click here to get now.

Buona Lettura!

And finally, if this is not enough, for the last few days everything is 50% off.
Use code Birthdaymonth at the checkout.
You’re welcome!



Laura xxx


PS: You can buy my books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and all major retailers and, of course, from my bookshop.




Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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Laura xxx

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