E-Cubed by Pam Grout Experiment 3: The Simon Cowell Corollary  – It Is Safe To Reveal Yourself In Your Work – Just Don’t Judge!
it is safe for me to reveal myself
Published on March 4, 2019
published on March 4, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: the life experiment continues – the field of potentiality is infinite, don’t cast scores…


Like Neo in The Matrix, I swallowed the red pill last week and used my energy power to draw more specific things into my awareness with Experiment 2 – The Red Pill Corollary ( from E-Cubed by Pam Grout) – and boy, that was spooky!

On the first day, I laughed so much that I almost peed in my pants (I was supposed to attract a belly laugh); speaking to my mum on the phone, she told me how she found one of my old dolls (a toy from childhood) in the attic.
I then saw a senior citizen in a fashionable hat whilst shopping for groceries (a real dapper), and babies kept smiling at me wherever I went.
Although I am missing a couple of things (song from high school – the number 222 – a beach ball – a billboard message just for me), I’m keeping up my scavenger hunt; I know it is just a matter of time before they manifest.

I K-N-O-W.

Whilst waiting, I have started …

Experiment 3.     The Simon Cowell Corollary

Nothing is absolute; only my thinking makes it so, e.g. when we cast scores (like Simon) on good or bad, right or wrong, we cut off all other possibilities.

And this applies to what we say about ourselves too. I’m not good at this or that. I can’t, blah blah blah…

A belief is only a thought we continue to think repeatedly. Then, we decide how things are and proceed to do everything we can to prove that conclusion. And we are judging ourselves like prosecuting attorneys ( stupid, non?).

The Simon Cowell Corollary is all about re-writing one of the ‘stories’  we tell about ourselves, flipping it over, and telling a different story. In a world of synchronicity, this experiment perfectly paired with the affirmations from Write For Your Life of the last few days (I am perfect just the way I am, e.g. I am what I believe and I am a richly talented writer) and today:

Day 15  - It Is Safe For Me To Reveal Myself In My Work.
The more you let people know you, the more they love you. The less you keep to yourself, the more you have to give. Your Real Self is worth knowing.

My Memes you see were: It is not safe to reveal myself to others and Am I Good enough (to do…)?
Isn’t that amazing how the Universe conspires to help you once you decide what you want?

See you tomorrow for another affirmation and in 3 days for results from Experiment 4 – The ‘I’m Loving, And I Know It’ Corollary.



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