Food Is Simple ; It’s Humans That Are Complicated – Eat Like Your Grandparents Used To. Before The Crap 
food is simple
Published on August 14, 2019
published on August 14, 2019

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Food Is Simple; It’s Humans That Are Complicated. Eat Like Your Grandparents Used To. Before The Crap.

With the obesity crisis growing at warp speed (“Obesity Is A Cause Of Cancer Too” Says The Latest Cancer Research Campaign and my last week blog), it is easy to look around for the ‘holy grail‘ of all diets, the latest fad. Or  a magic pill that promises to make it all better quickly and easily.

The internet has given us so much information and exposure/access to resources worldwide. Overall it is a good thing. However, it has also given us food and diet obsession. And obsessive behaviours around food and ‘healthy eating’.

Health/food bloggers are sprouting up everywhere. From nowhere. All seem to have extraordinary claims purporting that the latest food fad/diet, pardon – lifestyle – has cured them of terrible disease/s (I know, I’m a tad dramatic here …but you get the gist). But, unfortunately, many are utterly unqualified to offer nutritional advice, which is part of the problem.

Too much information too readily available professing miracle results to a time-pressed audience looking for a quick fix.

As I said repeatedly, I am not a health and fitness blogger. And I am not a finger-pointing moral preacher. I think everybody has the right to pursue what works for them and makes them feel good.

What I’m saying is: get tested, check your ‘alleged intolerances‘, understand your health markers, do your research.  And listen to your body.

And like William Goldman in All the President’s Men wrote: – “Follow the money“.

The diet industry is a business. And don’t you ever forget it.

Food IS simple. It’s humans that are complicated. Eat as your grandparents used to (or gran-gran-gran…)

Before The Crap.


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