“Growing Up Is Highly Overrated. Just Be An Author” Said Neil Gaiman. The Art & Soul Reloaded Work Debunking The Many Myths About Creativity Continues – Myth 3 : Doing Art Isn’t A Real Job 
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Published on August 11, 2019
published on August 11, 2019

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Growing Up Is Highly Overrated. Just Be An Author” –  Neil Gaiman.

The Art & Soul Reloadedwork debunking the many myths about creativity continues – Myth 3: Doing Art Isn’t A Real Job.

Last week’s theme was about where the power to create lies. It is not at the nod of an editor, producer, or agent but in three simple letters: DIY.

This week it goes deeper. It is about overcoming, not just the doubters that surround you, but your inner critic/the internal fraud police that keeps on asking :

“What makes you think you deserve to earn money playing your little songs (writing your little books/blog etc. – insert here whatever is appropriate for you)?”.

“What makes you think people should give a sh*t about your art?”.

After all, real working artists are very different from people like you and me, right?



I can’t believe how much reading and putting into practice Grout’s books works in synchronicity with my own life and journey of becoming an author/writer: tomorrow is precisely two years since I developed the concept for my book and started a blog/diary on how to publish a book in 30 days ( read How To Publish A Book In 30 Days? Like This the diary day 1).

I did go and publish my book, but I think that I’ve had my internal fraud police shouting in my ears since then, “What makes you think people should give a sh*t about your writing?” – and it has pulled me back each time I’ve been pushing toward the following steps on doing the writing business full time.

It makes me think back at a recent blog I wrote about goals and motivation Think Big Or Like Steve Harvey Says, “Take Your Lid Off The Jar Baby”, and I see now my self-imposed lid more clearly.

You are what you think you are, and I always had a “proper job/business” which defined me to the world and myself more than “The Book”.

To quote Amanda Palmer: ” You’re an artist when you say you are. Going to art school, getting a publisher, getting signed is all bullsh*t. Whether or not you are an artist is in your head“.

That’s right: STOP IT! It is all in your head!

“I am now willing to act in the presence of fear. I hereby resolve that I will never again allow fear to keep me from doing something I genuinely desire to do.” The affirmation is from Write For Your Life – The Home Seminar For Writers by Lawrence Block.

Just be an author indeed. So, hello everyone, I am Laura Mariani. And I Am a Writer.


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