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The title of my new book
Published on August 29, 2021
published on August 29, 2021

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Hello there, and welcome to another of my Behind the Scene blogs; this month, I need your help – your help in choosing the title of my new book. Are you up for the challenge?

Last month I mentioned how last year was one of my most creative years since founding my business. After a rebranding and republishing the “STOP IT” book with new metadata, I also wrote and published three non-fiction working books for women in business, the “Think, Look & Act The Part series, the sequel to “STOP IT”.

That got my creative juices flowing again. And so I started thinking about writing a new book. After all, if I am to be a writer/author, why aren’t I writing?




My first book and the sequel working books series were about helping women achieve their full potential and get rid of their self-limiting beliefs. Non-fiction, as one would call it.

When I started writing my next book exploring self-concept and self-image, I automatically continued on the same path—another non-fiction book. However, as the writing progressed, I felt I was preaching.

Not a good look, right?

Although, of course, I like to share my journey and my learnings/realisations (and I write about them plenty in my #BeYourBestSelfBlog), this book became less about giving you the formula to succeed. More about exploring thoughts and ideas, feelings, and self-expression. Consequently, I changed direction and format, and I started to write a novel instead. That’s right. My next book is a novel.




My new writing endeavour is a novel that details a day in the life of Gabrielle Arkin, a fictional woman during the Covid-19 lockdown based in London, England. So if there is someone out there named Gabrielle Arkin, the novel is definitely not about you. It’s about me 😉

It is a novel about the passing of time, the fear of missing out, finding meaning in the everyday and how self-concept, the image we have about ourselves, affects life and relationships.

The story moves back and forward in time as Gabrielle goes in and out of her morning pages, recollecting her life and in and out of her imagination whilst around London for her permitted daily walk (it’s lockdown).

I was toying with the following titles:

  • Gabrielle (plain and simple)
  • Me, myself and I (everything in life is a reflection of your self-concept/image)
  • One day  (just because …)
  • If not today, when? (referring to the passing of time).


Are you up to the challenge then? Help me choose; I’m counting on you.

So, the title of my new book is …….?

Answers on a postcard.


Have a great day, and speak soon x





Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Change & Transformation Expert


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Laura xxx

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