How to publish a book in 30 days? Like this
how to publish a book in 30 days
Published on August 12, 2017
published on August 12, 2017

Diary of how to write and publish a book in 30 days (more or less) Day 1


How to publish a book in 30 days, Diary Day 1.

Ok, here we go. I have never written a diary in my life. Still, yesterday I announced on Instagram (and Facebook) that I am finally getting on with writing THAT book that has been in my mind so long. Still, I have procrastinated long enough that it now feels like War & Peace ( in my mind, I do have a fertile imagination).

I didn’t just declare I am going to write a book. I also released the publishing date ( 22 September 2017)… Now if I don’t do it I am going to look like a p****.
What possessed me to make such a public declaration? To quote Steve Harvey, “I got tired of being sick and tired…..”

So I looked for people who have written books before in a short period of time and here I am.
Why a short period of time? In the 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferris talks about Pareto Law ( the 80/20 rule). And the Parkinson’s Law – “A task will swell in (perceived) importance and complexity in relation to the time allotted for its completion.” These two laws are synergistic. Only do the 20% to shorten the time, and shorten time so you focus on the 20%.

So with these principles in mind, I looked amongst people who have done it before, but closer to home so to speak, real examples with real people. I liked Simon Coulson (I have met him at The Business Show and been to one of his training workshops) who researched and wrote his first book in 60 hours (around two weeks) and Matt Lloyd.
I particularly like 2 examples from Matt on how he produced his first information product. And then how he wrote his book Limitless (his podcast about procrastination and holding yourself accountable is brilliant).




So what did he do?

He declared to the world and put out for sale a 7 days webinar, with dates, but wait…. without having written a slide. The webinar started selling like crazy and he found himself writing the slides for the first day 1 hour before the webinar was meant to go live (Parkinson’s law in action). And the same happened each night. At the end of the 7 days, voila, he had his first information product ready.

Even better, when he wanted to write his book, he booked himself in a hotel for a weekend, asked for NO WiFi, and wrote for 30 hours straight in 1-hour batches. And that’s how Limitless was born.

I found that I operate the same when deadlines are looming. That’s where I produce my best and effortless work. If I have more time, I’m bored.

The Law of Attraction says that when inspiration strikes you need to follow it and I did. So I booked a weekend in a hotel in London and doing “a Matt”.
Sounds crazy as I live in London but, you know how it is, at home, there are endless interruptions, distractions and coffee after coffee the day has gone by and you have written NOTHING.

Today is the first day of this “Publishing Diary” from the Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes Hotel, and feeling very much like a writer (don’t laugh…). I will continue and record this journey of writing and publishing my first book up to launch day.

Follow me and comment/feedback/like/share, your help is very much appreciated 🙂 #HoldMeAccountable #Hustle #GirlBoss #SmashThatCeiling.

And now to work, the book is not going to write itself 😉


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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