“Myth: To Make Art, You Need The Approval Of A Publisher, A Recording Company, An Art Gallery, Etc. ” Says Pam Grout In Art And Soul Reloaded. You Don’t – Your Destiny Is Down To You!
your destiny is down to you
Published on August 4, 2019
published on August 4, 2019

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Myth: To Make Art, You Need The Approval Of A Publisher, A Recording Company, An Art Gallery, Etc. ” Says Pam Grout in Art & Soul Reloaded

You no longer have to wait for the gods of corporate America or the university or the media or the investor to come down from the clouds and choose you for success.” – James Altucher.

You don’t – Your destiny is down to you!




The best that I can provide on this subject are Grout‘s own words in Chapter 24.

And that’s this week theme. The power to create lies, not at the nod of an editor, producer, or agent. It lies in three simple letters: DIY.

I have managed to etch out a pretty awesome career on what amounts to a micro-budget. For many years my company was a one-woman show. Patootie Press published two successful books, my small, back bedroom publishing company, no vetted publisher insight. This was long before Amazon and Kindles, and today’s numerous self-publishing platforms make self-publishing so much easier. To this day, I still do my social media, correspondence, bookings, and research… There’s a definite edge in not having to wait to hear back from your editor, your agent, your publicist… When you give up your need to be chosen by the expert, the so-called professionals, no one has power over you. You get to make your way. Protect your vision. Live freely in service to the creative spirit.”.

So you can understand now why Grout is my muse. And if you think that this is only possible to someone like Pam, a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, I might point out that:

  1. she didn’t start as one;
  2. plus, she still follows these principles and
  3. I did it too.

I did go and publish my book. And you can do whatever you want to do.

But do not put limits on yourself and STOP waiting around. The moment is NOW! Your destiny is down to you.

You still there? Get on with it …;-p

And this is how I did it – What is the best way to write a book in 30 days?

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