Read this or I’ll shoot the dog: Write For Your Life by Lawrence Block – 30 days to a more powerful self image
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Published on February 20, 2019
published on February 20, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: 30 days to a more powerful self-image and unleashing your genius – if it worked for THE Pam Grout, it can work for you too ( and me too)


Thirty days to a more powerful self-image and unleashing your genius. If it worked for THE Pam Grout it can work for you too (and me); sounds good non?

I came across Write For Your Life – The Home Seminar For Writers by Lawrence Block when reading E-Squared by Pam Grout, a book she used herself to increase her self-belief/image, which she credited for changing the reality of what she thought and said about herself as a writer and, consequently, her writing career.

The book takes you through a journey, starting with breathing/meditation, understanding your fears (what is really stopping you from writing) to where, and how to get inspiration for your writing together with practising free-writing.
Everything is geared up to free the mind from misconceptions, false beliefs that are stopping you—basically getting out of your way.

This, of course, resonated with me as I always strongly believed that the biggest obstacle to people achieving success/what they want (what I want) is in the mind. Heck, I wrote a book about it too! There have been countless people throughout history that have done things deemed impossible at the time just because they firmly believed they could and didn’t take no for an answer.




Although the book is aimed at writers, I think the principles and exercises can be applied to anything really.
I particularly like the chapter ’30 days to a more powerful self-image’ (page 142) with 30 affirmations to write (twice a day, twenty times in the morning and evening) and then post to yourself.

I have embraced this as part of unleashing my creativity and inner Isadora Duncan and started the exercises on Monday, now on day 3 – write for your life indeed.

So as Block says it:
I am now willing to act in the presence of fear. I hereby resolve that I will never again allow fear to keep me from doing something I genuinely desire to do“. ( affirmation for the day – Every Rejection Brings Me Closer To Success – and YES, I’m posting it too!).

I can see my postman has started to look at me with a smirk on his face already, but hey, if it worked for THE Pam Grout, I think it is worth a try, don’t you?

See you tomorrow x





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