The Basis Of A Successful Business Life Is Mental & Physical Well-Being. Love Starts From Within & Looking After Yourself Is All About Self-Care: It Is Not Just Your Car That Needs An MOT
mental & physical well-being
Published on July 17, 2019
published on July 17, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: Business & Lifestyle Experimentation for #TheWomanAlchemist #SmashYourCeiling – from I Quit Sugar to Keto Carnivore Reset



The basis of successful business life is mental & physical well-being. Love starts from within & looking after yourself is all above self-care. It is not just your car that needs an MOT.

Let me start with the premise that I am not a health and fitness blogger. And I do not intend to stand on a pulpit to preach what should be done.
I love empowering businesses and people to unleash their potential. Work and life are intertwined, and mental and physical well-being is essential for living a full and fulfilling business and life.

I do not particularly believe in diets but in eating real fresh food, cooking rather than microwaving and square nutritious meals rather than snacking. Food is also a pleasurable sensory experience rather than just checking nutrients, and I don’t do very well with deprivation.

This is why the IQS approach resonated with me to start with a couple of years back. A step-by-step guide to kicking the habit (sugar), returning to a more natural way of eating and getting well (and losing weight in the process).
I liked that there’s no prescriptive diet menu but rather a simple and accessible process of elimination first (sugar, processed foods). And crowding up later with wholesome nutrients—a way to reconnect with your taste buds, your natural appetite, and portion control.




It was a process that led to self-discovery, so I learnt that:

  • my emotions dictate my sugar cravings.
  • when I feel down or bored, the cravings kick in.
  • my tastebuds have shifted, and my body cannot consume much-concentrated sugar in one hit anymore.
  • my tolerance for carbs had lessened, and that grains and starches kept me in a cycle of blood sugar ups and downs and cravings. Even on a full stomach, my tolerance for alcohol has dramatically decreased (after cutting sugar).

My approach then shifted to gluten-and grain-free ( they are giving me dramatic tummy problems) – a ‘paleo’ approach – perhaps you know it as the ‘caveman diet’ – fundamentally low-starch, low carbs, high fat, non-processed and organic; I found that this made me feel better.




In my quest to better my business and life performance, business & lifestyle experimentation/edit, I then moved to a ketogenic lifestyle using Marc Sisson The Keto Reset Diet and then gradually towards a more carnivorish/zero carb approach (e.g. mainly animal products) – I say mainly because I do have coffee (always) and the occasional glass of red wine and diet coke (hey, a girl has to have some vices).

Keto-Carnivore is a way of life, living without processed food (or very, very little) as our ancestors did. I know what it has done for me: I have more energy, I need less sleep, I have stable focus with hardly any cravings (mostly related to that time of the month…), I am less bloated, and I eat more and weigh less.

There are many resources for Keto and Carnivore (I’m no expert, all I know is that it works for me). Here are a few I love:
Danny Vega and Fat Fueled Family Blog
Paul Saladino MD
Kelly Hogan and MyZeroCarbLife
Nutrition with Judy
Mark Sisson – Mark’s Daily Apple



For me, it is about eating like our gran-grandparents used to eat – before the crap whilst being aligned to my philosophy around food & life: put your best foot forward and live your best life while feeling great and having fun.

Physical well-being is the precursor/enabler of mental well-being (and many issues with mental health stem from hormonal and chemical imbalances, which guess? stem from food/nutrition) – it all starts from within!!

What about you? What works for you?


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Business & Lifestyle Experimentation Blog for #TheWomanAlchemist #SmashYourCeiling #WellnessWednesday


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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