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Published on November 27, 2022
published on November 27, 2022

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Hello there, and welcome back to my November Behind the Scene blog; I am thrilled and excited to announce that The Nine Lives of Gabrielle will be out on 13 December. It’s the complete series, including additional, never published chapters, just in time for the last-minute Christmas presents rush.

The book will be available both as Ebook exclusively on Kindle Unlimited and, in the Hardback edition, at all major retailers (free at your local library if you request it).

I loved writing about Gabrielle and her adventures, gallivanting between my favourite cities, London, New York and Paris, showing you around and dipping into Gabrielle’s self-discovery: who she is as a woman and what she wants from life as well as the men in her life.

Writing fiction and contemporary romance has been a great experience because it allowed me to experiment and outpour my consciousness into my writing. I mainly wrote “in the dark” (I let the story take me where it wanted to go) and absolutely loved it. The story and the characters took me on an impromptu journey and uncharted territories. And I learned about myself, too, in the process.

I definitely will continue writing romance stories. But more about my writing and what the new year will bring in the forthcoming Behind The Scenes blogs.

For now, more about Gabrielle …



The Nine Lives of Gabrielle is a whirlwind romance and a journey of self-discovery between three of the most beautiful cities in the world: London, New York and Paris.

Like the nine lives of cats, Gabrielle first plays, then strays, and finally, she wants to stay.

Gabrielle is a woman among men jockeying for power; she has fought hard for her independence. Yet, she is in search for love and longs to be taken care of by a strong man. As she stands inside the lived moment, the “continuous present” of her life keeps intruding, flooding her with vivid memories of the past and intense responses to the present.

Troubled after the break-up of a long-term relationship, Gabrielle sets out for a sabbatical in New York, searching for self, pleasure and fun. The Big Apple, of course, doesn’t disappoint.

After New York, Paris promises more freedom. Instead, it raised more bonds to break …

And then, just like that,
everything changed …

London was calling to write the next chapter of her story with him and only him, Mr Wonderful.

But is the course of true love always plain sailing?

The Nine Lives of Gabrielle is a powerful contemporary romance focusing on city life with a dab of billionaire office romance and a strong female lead with backbone, a big heart and a stubborn streak. It will make you gasp, reflect, cry and gasp while enjoying the excitement of the Big Apple, dreaming of Paris and longing for London.

Available to PRE-ORDER NOW.



I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

With love.

Laura xxx


PS: You can buy my other books from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and all major retailers and, of course, from my bookshop.




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Laura Mariani

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