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People Alchemy
works like Magic

Alchemy was the ancient practice of transmuting one substance into another. And People Alchemy is the transformation, creation or combination of systems & process re-engineering with people. A bit of science, a bit of art and pure magic.

People Alchemy
in action

I am a Best Selling Author Speaker and Global Change & Transformation Expert, empowering businesses and people to UNLOCK, IGNITE & TRANSFORM.

Firstly, I educate, entertain and inform, connecting the dots and taking the audience on a journey of fun and education. Secondly, I transform the way you think and how you approach your entire business and role as a leader.

You can book me to speak at events ranging from industry conferences, trade shows and summits to corporate events on the following subjects:

Speaker Topics

Change & transformation

I am a Best Selling Author Speaker and Global Change & Transformation Expert with experience in fast-paced, customer and target-driven Business To Business (B2Bs) and Business To Consumers (B2Cs) environments. The topics covered vary from changing work environment/model, working in an agile manner when change is the norm and how to deal with change in practice.

Transformational Leadership

I am a Best Selling Author Speaker and Global Change & Transformation Expert with experience leading large programmes at national and international levels Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Retail, E-commerce, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Health, Media, Fashion/Technology.
I can help you make Transformational Leadership ‘real’.

Women in Leadership

I am the Author of 2 best-selling positive psychology success books for Women In Business to achieve those coveted Leadership positions to UNLOCK IGNITE TRANSFORM their business and life.

My Books: STOP IT! It is all in your head, and 90 Days To Reboot Your Career

Customised Keynotes

I am a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Global Change & Transformation Expert. My keynotes are customised based on the organiser and the event: from the examples given to the focus of the talk, the use of specific jargon appropriate for the industry and considering the business lifecycle to the educational entertainment level.

What people say…

I was invited to the launch of Laura’s book ‘Stop It! It is all in your head’. As the host and founder of the Women In Property & Business Network, I was inspired by the book because it falls in line with my values to promote and empower women. Laura is extremely passionate about empowering women in business, and this comes across when you meet her and in her book. I subsequently invited Laura to speak at my November event where she received tremendous feedback. I would highly recommend having Laura speak at any event.

Elsie Igbinadolor

Property Investor ★ Property Mentor ★ Award Winning Speaker ★

I had the great opportunity to hear Laura speak at the Islington Chamber of Commerce November Coffee Club about her book ‘Stop It! It is all in your head’. Listening to Laura’s passion about her reasons behind the book and how she committed to writing it was brilliant. Not only was I inspired by her, by the book, but also by her energy in the commitment to sharing her knowledge and experience for other women to succeed too. Not only is there the content, but also take away points and actions to do and interviews with inspirational women … amazing.

Alison Graham

Owner, Feeling Fantastic Over Forty

Delighted to have attended the book launch for ‘Stop it It – it’s all in your head.’ So many female execs and business owners in one place was inspiring. Great advice and brilliant role models. A vibrant and compelling speaker, Laura lit up the evening by facilitating a lively discussion on the key to success at Board level as well as contributing her own anecdotes and tips.

Claire Martin FCIPD

HR Consultant at UELSU, Mediator, NLP Exec Coach and Public Speaker

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