How do I get started with content marketing?
February 22, 2018

A Guest Post on Content Marketing – #BusinessTips for #TheWomanAlchemist


Content marketing is all the rage in the digital world right now because of its effectiveness in increasing traffic and building a better reputation. The best thing about this strategy is that it doesn’t take a year’s worth of budget to employ. In fact, it doesn’t always need to cost anything! If you’re a solopreneur, you can work things out while pursuing your personal goals and enjoying your lifestyle.

It is all about creating valuable and relevant content to attract an audience. And eventually generate sales. To get started, just take the time to detail your goals. Ask yourself: What do you really want to accomplish with content marketing? Afterwards, conduct some surface-level research. Understand what your customers want. And what challenges they face.

Also, have a look at what your competitors are currently doing. Study what type of content is more likely to get more engagement. Should you go more for blog posts, videos, infographics, images, or other options? Ayima reported that visuals and video are trending these days, which is why many content marketers will place more emphasis on creating these types of content. While you’re out and having fun with friends or travelling, why not use the live stream to share your moments? The idea that people are witnessing something as it happens is always exciting, after all.

When it comes to your content, it is always good, to begin with, what you know. Forbes columnist Jayson DeMers advised creating original content based on insights and experiences because the chances are there will be people who want to read them. If there is something from your personal journey that you could relate to your chosen field, you can leverage it as engaging content. Readers appreciate it when writers or content creators share their own personal experiences because it makes them more relatable.

Take note that quality will always reign over quantity. Although it’s important to be consistent in order for a content marketing strategy to work, you shouldn’t be pressured to churn out content. Entrepreneur suggests the 80/20 approach for content marketing, where 80 per cent of your results come from 20 per cent of your effort. If we take this into context, the act of producing a large volume of content may only have disappointing results.

Don’t forget to streamline your social media pages as well. These channels can help you build your personal brand. Use them to engage with your audience and strike up conversations with other people in your field. Don’t be afraid to follow new people, since there’s always a chance they’ll follow you back.

The bottom line is, you can still balance your personal life and an ongoing content marketing campaign. As long as it suits your lifestyle, there’s nothing to worry about. Consider the time The People Alchemist talked about how to network and have fun at the same time. As we’ve noted, you can definitely build business connections while you’re enjoying a night out with friends or family. If there’s anything interesting that happened in your life, rest assured it would make great content!

I thought my lovely readers you would find this contributed post on content marketing very useful as I did. Thanks, Alex ”  – Laura Mariani, Author of “STOP IT! It is all in your head” available on Amazon now.



Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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