So You Want To Start A Business? 10 Traits That Make A Successful Entrepreneur – #Businesstips For #TheWomanAlchemist #FemaleFounders (And Anyone Who Wants To Listen)
August 27, 2019

ThePeopleAlchemist Edit: Business & Lifestyle Experimentation for #TheWomanAlchemist #SmashYourCeiling #TechTuesday


So You Want To Start A Business? 10 Traits That Make A Successful Entrepreneur – #Businesstips For #TheWomanAlchemist #FemaleFounders (And Anyone Who Wants To Listen).

It is #Tech Tuesday and some more business tips for #TheWomanAlchemist.

So far we’ve talked about:


But what makes a successful entrepreneur?

Here are 10 traits that make one:

  1. Time for self – focusing on the business is great but you can’t pour from an empty cup. Taking time to look after self is essential, especially for entrepreneurs
  2. Being obsessed – with your business, with your customers, with life – passion is essential
  3. Perseverance in the face of rejection– rejection, failure and adversity are part of life and business but nothing is final – only giving up is
  4. Investing in self – learn, learn, learn. Need I say more? Oh yes, learn
  5. Being an expert – being seen as an expert in your field helps with brand awareness and, ultimately, with profitability
  6. Plan, plan, plan – plan for the next step/s in the life of your business in line with business goals. Anticipation not reaction…
  7. Embrace change – evaluating what’s working and what isn’t and be open to change
  8. Manage finances –  selling is very important but also taking care of collecting and investing wisely
  9. Be tech-wise – like it or not technology changes rapidly and what was viable last year, might not be next year. Need to stay on top of changes in the market
  10. Know yourself – focus on your strengths and find help for your weaknesses. You’ll enjoy your time more and be more productive

You’re welcome 🙂

So, do you want start a business then?

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