What’s The Point Of Your Website? To Convert Your Visitors Into Leads. End Of Story .  That’s Right: It’s #TechTuesday – #BusinessTips For #FemaleFounders
September 24, 2019

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What’s The Point Of Your Website? To Convert Your Visitors Into Leads. End Of Story. That’s Right: It’s #TechTuesday – #BusinessTips For #FemaleFounders, my so-called #TheWomanAlchemist.

I remember when I first went solo and started my own business: I knew I had to have a website, a ‘presence’ on the world-wide-web so I focused on my ‘window’ to the world and tried to achieve the ‘perfect’ look ( at least in my eyes) that reflected my personality and what I wanted to convey.

So I shelled out some cash for it ( I first tried on my own and I completely lost my patience and ended up shouting at the computer far more than I wished). I know my strengths and building websites is not one of them.

I never actually thought about the main point:

  • the number one reason to have a website is to convert visitors into leads and consequently into sales.

That’s it.

It’s not about how pretty it is and people being wowed by it – It is there to sell product or services or both. And to create a customer experience/journey to inspire a loyal following.

Returning visitors = leads = sales. Plain & Simple.

And as a start-up/solopreneur/e-commerce/business online SME that is all that matters.

I wish I had known this before but, I suppose, is never too late to learn.

So don’t do what I did, but do as I say – learn from my mistakes – #womensupportingwomen.

What’s the point of your website then? SALES.


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Business & Lifestyle Experimentation Blog for #TheWomanAlchemist #SmashYourCeiling #TechTuesday


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