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  • 22 Jul, 2016

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The Almeida Theatre is currently showing a new adaptation of Richard III, directed by Almeida Artistic Director Rupert Goold with Ralph Fiennes as Shakespeare’s villain and Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Margaret.

War-torn England is reeling after years of bitter conflict. King Edward is ailing, and as political unrest begins to stir once more, Edward’s brother Richard awaits the opportunity to seize his brother’s crown.  

In this play Shakespeare examines the all-consuming nature of the desire for power in a society riddled by conflict.

If there is a key to Fiennes’s interpretation, it lies in an assertive masculinity that displays a ruthless contempt for women: Fiennes gives us a Richard for whom people are playthings of his perverted will, particuralry women. His Richard is psychologically consistent and executed with the incredible skill we have come accustomed to see in Fiennes, although, I find, misses the Shakespeare's irony and duplicity

This is a Richard who makes little attempt to mask his intentions and who, almost always, means what he says.

I loved Vanessa Redgrave’s Queen Margaret, turning this relic of the Lancastrian regime into a pathetically demented figure clutching a baby doll whom she proceeds to feed from the bottle. Brilliant!!!

If you can maanage to get a ticket, go , it is an experience to have.


Saturday matinees1.30pm from 18 Jun
Wednesday matinees1.30pm 22 Jun, 29 Jun 6,13, 27 Jul & 3 Aug

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Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2018
Tanti Auguri di Felice Anno Nuovo 2018
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and lucky 2018


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Let's welcome the New Year together...
A year full of joy, happiness, health and wealth  - Believe in Yourself, You Can #SmashYourCeiling

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