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Welcome to Laura Mariani’s, ThePeopleAlchemist Website, your source for non-fiction psychology success books for women and insightful blogs about change and transformation in both personal and business contexts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am managing an independent bookshop/library and would like tp organize an event.

Get in touch if you are an independent bookshop and you’re interested in a book signing or book reading. And do get in touch if you are a library and you’re interested in a book talk or event, either in person or virtually.


What kind of books does Laura Mariani write?

Laura Mariani specializes in non-fiction books that focus on psychology, success, and personal development, particularly targeted at women. Her books offer practical advice, tips, and insights to help you achieve personal and professional growth.

Can I purchase Laura Mariani’s books directly from this website?

No, this website does not sell books directly. However, you can find links to purchase Laura Mariani’s books on popular online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

Can I submit guest blog posts to Laura Mariani’s website?

Unfortunately, we do not accept guest blog posts or contributions. All blog content is authored by Laura Mariani herself, ensuring a consistent and high-quality reading experience.

Does Laura Mariani offer personal coaching or consulting services?

No, Laura Mariani does not currently provide personal coaching or consulting services. Her focus is on creating content that can reach and benefit a wide audience through her books and blog posts.

How can I stay updated with Laura Mariani’s latest content?

To stay up-to-date with Laura Mariani’s work, you can subscribe to her newsletter, which provides regular updates on new book releases, blog posts, and other relevant content.

Are there any upcoming events or webinars hosted by Laura Mariani?

Laura Mariani occasionally hosts online events or webinars related to her books and blog topics. Details for any upcoming sessions and registration details will be posted on this website in due course.

I heard that Laura Mariani also writes romance novels. Why aren’t they featured on this website, and where can I find her romance books?

While Laura Mariani does indeed write romance novels, this website is dedicated to her non-fiction psychology success books for women and blogs about change and transformation in self and business. To explore her romance novels, you can visit L.A.Mariani platform where she showcases her fiction work. Links to her romance novels and related content can often be found on her author profiles on various online retailers and book platforms.

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