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  • 10 Aug, 2016

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It comes a time in the life of small business owners when their company is growing and they cannot continue to provide the same service to their customers just by themselves and they need to hire their first employee.

Everyone assumes that is only the interviewee that is nervous but it can be quite stressful for interviewers too especially if this is the first time hiring and asking questions.

Basic preparation will ease the nerves and help appearing calm, confident and, most importantly, not losing good candidates or, even worse, hiring the wrong ones.

Have a basic interview structure with key objective and clear timings as a guide. To start with:

- read the CV beforehand and remember the name;

- have a clear picture of the type of person you need (skills, quality, knowledge, experience and qualifications if relevant) and what does the role involves on a daily basis, which activities are essential which are desirable. Don't ask for things that you don't actually need.

- prepare the room and remember to ask the candidates before they attend the interview if they need any form of adjustment;

- ask candidates to bring at interview evidence of their right to work in the UK to fulfil your legal obligations;

- on the day make sure you have the time set aside and that you are not going to be interrupted.

- an interview is a two-way process so be prepared to answer questions about your company and your plans together with the more practical stuff ( what time do you need him/her to start working in the morning/afternoon? can they work from home from time to time? etc. etc.)

Remember you can always ask people if they are willing to undertake a paid trial period so that you can both assess if right fit.

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