How to Publish a Book in 30 days - Diary Day 13

  • By The Alchemist About Town
  • 24 Aug, 2017

A public diary on how I am beating procrastination and finally writing ( and publishing) a book - Day 13

Day 13 was a funny day... thankfully it is not Friday 13th ;-)....

Last night at around midnight and all through the night, the fire alarm kept going off in my building - no fire - but it kept going off regularly every half hour, then every hour and so on, aaaaaall night, yes, that's right.
The fire brigade cannot and will not come to silence your alarm, and the out-of-hour engineer was a few hours away and couldn't fix it anyway so that was my night.
You can imagine how awake I was this morning : my first instincts was to go to sleep however I was due to go out for a meeting and was expecting phone calls for my business so  that option was out.
I tried gallons of coffee (a tad more than my usual) but I just couldn't concentrate writing so I chilled and  watched TV, down my calls and the meeting .

I am determined to write though so here I am now putting in the time and free handwriting for at least an hour, if I can more: I'm determined to finish and publish this book for 22 September and so it will be. 

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see you tomorrow x

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By The Alchemist About Town 01 Jan, 2018
Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2018
Tanti Auguri di Felice Anno Nuovo 2018
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and lucky 2018


Laura xxx
By The Alchemist About Town 31 Dec, 2017
Let's welcome the New Year together...
A year full of joy, happiness, health and wealth  - Believe in Yourself, You Can #SmashYourCeiling

Cheers xxx
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