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  • 24 Jul, 2017

Enterpreneur Lifestyle BluePrint: Book Review

I first came across Simon Coulson  when I attended a couple of his sessions at the Business Show at the Excel in May ( if you missed out don't worry, The Business Show will be at the Olympia London in November).

Simon was/is totally unpretentious, affable and offered great practical advice - I was intrigued, so I signed to a full day free workshop and grabbed his book Intrepreneur .

I like to learn from people who have done it rather than people who talk about it and just teach and Simon is definitely one of those who has done it. The story is inspiring - his journey from normal bloke working in customer service at BT to internet millionaire appearing on the same stage as Tony Robbins and holidaying at Necker Island with Richard Branson.

The book is very easy to read and shows that you can make money on the internet with some research, effort and knowledge. Simon is very transparent here  and talks not only about his successes but also his failures, including specific cases and numbers and not just ideas. The content is very practical so you can start on your own, overriding message being that success is down to common sense and taking the plunge.

Simon has taught his techniques to thousands around the world and in the book you can find many of the tips and techniques that any of us can benefit from ( being realistic here a book though isn't going to teach everything about the 'how to' of internet business, not the right format - but this goes quite a long way).

Overall, reading Interpreneur  reminded me of what Tim Ferris says in The 4-Hour Work Week: " If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself...'  and that the majority of people get paralysed by fear.

Well, you have nothing to fear just get the book and see if you can apply some of Simon's advice: what have you got to lose? It is just a book....

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By The Alchemist About Town 01 Jan, 2018
Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2018
Tanti Auguri di Felice Anno Nuovo 2018
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and lucky 2018


Laura xxx
By The Alchemist About Town 31 Dec, 2017
Let's welcome the New Year together...
A year full of joy, happiness, health and wealth  - Believe in Yourself, You Can #SmashYourCeiling

Cheers xxx
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