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  • By The Alchemist About Town
  • 06 Jul, 2017

The Islington Chamber of Commerce BBQ Summer Party

We all know the power of social connectedness: the breadth and quality of our work relationships has a positive impact on health, both physically and psychologically, has impact on our personal outcomes and achievements,  and on the organisation's performance. There are many different ways to develop a career and/or business but one way which is frequently overlooked is networking. 

When networking with purpose and connecting to people/businesses that you can learn from and you can add value to and them to you, joining industry groups, attending conferences and participating in forums, you can both find people to connect with and that can connect you to others in the industry and dramatically develop your business.

If you are in London, the Islington Chamber of Commerce Summer Party ( 12th July at The Vineyard) is a perfect vehicle to connect with like-minded people, develop connections and relationships whilst enjoying a fun evening of BBQ style food, drinks.

Whether you’re a member of Islington Chamber, want to make new connections, are interested in what they can do for your business, or just want to have a great evening, don’t pass up on the event of the year! ( ok , i'm the Vice Chair at the Chamber so I have a bit of a poetic licence here).

Early bird offers are available now but only for a few more days! Members & non-members have the opportunity to grab an Early bird price so be sure to grab your tickets ASAP. Click below for details.

One important thing to remember about networking though: you don't just network when you are desperate for business, you plant the seeds in good times and keep in touch. It is all about developing relationships in the long(er) term - join your local Chamber of Commerce and see your business and/or career flourish.

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By The Alchemist About Town 01 Jan, 2018
Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2018
Tanti Auguri di Felice Anno Nuovo 2018
Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and lucky 2018


Laura xxx
By The Alchemist About Town 31 Dec, 2017
Let's welcome the New Year together...
A year full of joy, happiness, health and wealth  - Believe in Yourself, You Can #SmashYourCeiling

Cheers xxx
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