“How to keep from growing? Keep on doing the same fool things time after time!” – Emmet Fox – #SmashYourCeiling: Be Your Best Self Around The Year – 365 #DailyInspiration To Silence Your Inner Critic And Feed Your Mind Day 68 – #SelfShorts
Published on March 9, 2023
published on March 9, 2023

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Hello again, and welcome the #SmashYourCeiling: Be Your Best Self Around The Year. 365 daily inspiration to silence your inner critic and unleash the power that is within you.




“Never be original. Find out what is usually done and copy that. Sneer at those more successful than yourself. Never learn from experience. Keep on doing the same fool things time after time. Never wait to hear the other side of the story. Knowing both sides will only unsettle your mind. Use your wit destructively. Try to get everything cheap. This will build an invincible poverty complex“.


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Fox is obviously continuing his sarcastic spree here, and quite rightly so. Copying other people’s ideas means you are not exercising your mind and your infinite capacity for creativity. Sneering at other people’s success shows, besides envy, that you are not really ready for it. Being witty at other people’s expense doesn’t make you (me, anybody) smarter, just mean. And finally, always looking at the cheapest things will embed in your mind a poverty mentality.

Now, I know in the current economic climate, people would say that’s all they can do (looking for the cheapest things). And that’s fine, for now. But do remember, more people became rich during the great depression than in other times.

The point is: look at how you can grow not shrink.


See you tomorrow x




Our consciousness has the size and strength of a sumo wrestler, but because we do not know it, we squander our abilities. That’s why I make training my mind my priority Numero 1, and so should you. You are pinching off your own power: STOP IT! 


Around the year with Emmet Fox


Be Your Best Self Around The Year blog is based on Around the Year with Emmet Fox, a collection of 365 daily mediations/devotionals made from Emmet Fox’s unpublished lecture notes and manuscripts and passages from his books.

The book was published after his passing.

Emmet Fox  (1886-1951) was one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the last century and the New Thought Movement together with Joseph Murphy, Norman Vincent Peale and Neville Goddard.

Happy reading.

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Disclaimer: The book Around The Year with Emmet Fox and the extract in this daily blog are taken from, and inspired by, The Bible. Fox and The New Thought Movement and consequent teachers interpreted the Bible metaphysically. Equally, If you are religious (Christian or any other religion) or not, you can do so too. This is not a religious blog. It is a “change yourself, change the world around you” blog to motivate and inspire anyone willing to listen to achieve what they want to in life and business.

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