The Art Of Business (And Life) : How You Can Support A Well-Balanced Work-Life With 4 Simple Anchors  #TheWomanAlchemist #WellnessWednesday
4 simple anchors
Published on August 28, 2019
published on August 28, 2019

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The Art Of Business (And Life): How You Can Support A Well-Balanced Work-Life With 4 Simple Anchors.


So #FemaleFounder,  you started your business or climbed the career ladder #WomenInBusiness (or on your way up), and now you find yourself working day and night both at work and then back at home and now all you want is to get your life back.

Of course, the need for work-life balance is not restricted to women, but it is particularly applicable to women. The critical thing to understand, though, is that work-life balance has got more to do with you and starts from you rather than your job/company – it is not possible to have enough workplace employment policies to address everyone’s life imbalances – one size does not support it all.

STOP! It all starts with you.

Let me describe a scenario: you go camping and have a tent. The wind starts blowing. To ensure that the tent is stable and will not fly away at any time, you need to ‘anchor’ it down at all four corners.

The 4 simple anchors

The same applies to your life balance. It needs anchors; here are four simple ones to focus on:

  1. Health – this is usually the thing people think about and cultivate the least until they are sick (love starts from within & looking after yourself is all above self-care: it is not just your car that needs an MOT  – The Basis Of A Successful Business Life Is Mental & Physical Well-Being)
  2. A social network (AKA family and friends and trusted colleagues). It is essential to have a trusted social circle, being family and friends where you can be your true self and a broader network you can interact at ease and for support having a job/profession/business that provides stimulus, enjoyment, challenge and makes you feel valued/excited and contributing. Whatever that is.
  3. Doing ‘You’ – this is the most overlooked and the most fundamental. You take care of business and of those that surround you. Still, the taking of self always comes last, which is particularly true for women ( I have recently talked about this subject in my blog Remember Airline Safety Code: Pull Your Own Oxygen Mask First Before Anything – You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup). Taking care of self is the base for everything.

Working on and enforcing these four anchors will result in a generally stable work & life balance. But, of course, there will be times when more emphasis is needed on one or more of these anchors and short-term stress coping strategies.

So how to deal with different life imbalances then?


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