Is It Possible To Break The Never-Ending Cycle Of Feeling Rushed, Overwhelmed And Continuously Behind Our Schedule To Have A More Thriving Business? Yes, Become A Long-Term Thinker.
become a long term thinker
Published on September 25, 2022
published on September 25, 2022

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Is it possible to break the never-ending cycle of feeling rushed, overwhelmed and continuously behind our schedule to have a more thriving business?

Yes, become a long-term thinker.

The Long Game” is a fascinating book by Dorie Clark, published by Harvard Business Review Press which explain this concept perfectly.




In summary, Clarks says that when people think more long term, they tackle more significant projects because preparing for a successful career or thinking about company strategy is often complex and takes longer. For managers or leaders, strategic thinking is one of the leadership behaviours that most impact an organisation’s success.

However, thinking long-term or, better still, becoming long-term thinkers is easier said than done. To do so, businesses ( and their leaders) must resist the destructive disposition toward comparison.

Businesses ( and their leaders) need to run their race with focus, persistence and evaluation based on their metrics and understand whether they’re on the right course – not be led by the noise surrounding them.

Day-to-day pressure is one of the biggest challenges driven by the workplace and multiple stakeholders’ expectations of individuals. Focusing on execution is more straightforward but often leads to bad outcomes when a series of short-term decisions can take into ultimately the wrong direction.

One thing is sure, says Clark: no one will give you time for strategic thinking. Managers/leaders must carve it out and force it.
That means being very disciplined with time and schedule, so you have a moment to breathe and reevaluate as needed.

From experience , I can confirm it is totally accurate. If you the time, you need to make the time. Additionally, any of you who read my self-improvement Be Your Best Self blog, know I am a total purporter of self-discipline and persistence.

So be a long-term thinker, you will benefit from it in your business but also in your career and life.


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