How To Get Ready For The Next Crisis Now And Avoid Unnecessary Disruption To Your Business
Published on October 9, 2022
published on October 9, 2022

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In the last month’s business blog, I talked about breaking the never-ending cycle of feeling rushed, overwhelmed and continuously behind our schedule to have a more thriving business by becoming a long-term thinker. Being a long-term thinker/leader also means building an organisation which agile, adaptable and where change is the only constant to ride out future disruptive events.

But can you really prepare for the next crisis now and avoid unnecessary disruption to the business, whether they are pandemics, extreme weather events or cyber-attacks?




Most businesses have a business continuity plan, aka a reactive strategy, in case something happens. Such plans, however, are not enough to meet the potential scale and pace of change imposed by sudden shocks and future challenges. Systems need to be less focused on prevention and more progressive by building agility and adaptability.

To be better prepared for the future means the ability to discuss potential future failures and ask challenging questions without being complacent and assessing the impact of disruption on all elements of the ecosystem in which the company operates.

The first point is always to understand what is most important to stakeholders and customers and, most significantly, what essential services the business should continue to deliver in a crisis ( what’s critical to customers).

Moreover, what is the point when the impact on crucial deliverables becomes intolerable, and what can the business do about it?

Organisations need to be able to balance defensive and progressive elements of their strategy and their flexibility without creating so-called “blind spots”, so balancing priorities is vital.

And for the above to be successful, adaptation, agility and empowerment need to be part of an ever-changing process rather than a technical one.


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