To Appreciate Your Body Is The First Step To Feeling Magnetic. Why? Because Acceptance Is Love – Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
Published on March 21, 2022
published on March 21, 2022

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Hello, so happy to see you again!

Last week I explored magnetism, its facets and how to embody it. I talked about being and feeling beautiful.

Doing your shopping as beautiful.
Going to work as beautiful.
Having lunch as beautiful.
Opening the door as beautiful.

And so on, representing the nature of what you want to create more of, and you go about your everyday life with that feeling revived in you.

With conscious awareness.




But it is challenging to be magnetic, especially if you don’t genuinely love and appreciate your body. 

Women’s relationship with our body strongly impacts how we feel about ourselves – and therefore, how attractive we are/feel – so it’s vital to establish a loving, honouring relationship with our body. 

Feeling comfortable in your skin is what being magnetic is truly all about!

Some people feel comfortable in their bodies, and others don’t yet. No matter where you are on this spectrum (maybe somewhere in between the two?), you can do something to feel more love and appreciation for yourself and your body.

When I first started my journey to become a fully embodied woman, unexpected changes happened to my body. I dropped weight, my skin got better, and I honestly felt better than ever. 

I start by asking myself a few questions like:

  • What do I appreciate my body for? 
  • Which part/s of my body do I like?
  • What part do I have trouble accepting?


And then I started looking at how I could begin to love it/them at least a little bit.

Acceptance of what is changes us. Because acceptance is (unconditional) love, and love changes everything. So, acceptance of your body will change your body. Anything and everything is possible from here.

I started treating my body with love and respect. Do things for me, pure enjoyment for your body, which made me feel outstanding. And I made it special because I deserve it.

This is all about cherishing yourself, a critical component to being magnetic, attractive, and fulfilled – developing a practice. No matter how you feel right now, if you take steps toward giving yourself love and care, you’ll eventually feel loved and cared for in all ways.


See you tomorrow x


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Change & Transformation Expert


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