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Change, as we know, is constant – we see it in the seasons, we see it in our friends, and most importantly, we see it in ourselves.
Published on October 1, 2021
published on October 1, 2021


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Hello everyone!

It is a new month, and with it, a time of change. It is also the International Day of the Older Person, and that got me thinking…

As we progress through the year, we grow, we change, and we step from our yesterday into the people we will become tomorrow – today, though, is a gift, and that is why we call it ‘The Present’.

With progress, as exciting as it may be, it is also quite daunting when we look at the time that has been spent in the form of the passing weeks, months, and years.

However, while sometimes feeling overwhelmed by change is normal, it can be detrimental if we allow negative thoughts to control our process of change.

Change, as we know, is constant – we see it in the seasons, we see it in our friends, and most importantly, we see it in ourselves.

As we age, we change – not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. We most certainly learn things about the world, and about ourselves, that we did not know last year – and that change, that growth must be celebrated. Through it, you can create a new self-image.


You are as old as you feel – embrace your change!  


While the adage of ‘age is just a number’ may seem applicable here, it is not entirely true.

With age comes advantages and disadvantages – however, understanding that in time, you will change, as will your body, but being open to that change is what makes the difference.

According to research, avoiding stresses and being resilient form a crucial part in feeling younger and feeling more revitalised.

You could feel as if you’re in your twenties when you’re closer to sixty, yes. And although we might not ‘like’ aging, getting old(er) is definitely better than the ‘alternative’ – being dead.

However, as you know, I believe in being real and acknowledging that whilst you may feel young, your body may not react with the same stamina and endurance as it did years ago. It would very much depends on how you’ve treated your body for all the past years 😉 .

But that does not mean that you should stop living – on the contrary, with preparation and acceptance of your body’s capabilities, you can live an even greater life than you did when you were coming out of your teens.

It is fundamental to respect yourself enough to not take unfounded risks because you feel like it. Apply the tri-factor and when you feel like doing something, think about it, and if your thoughts and feelings align, then go for it!

Until next time x



Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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