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Acceptance of self is, easier said than done. You must be able to extend a courtesy to yourself and that courtesy is compassion.
Published on September 8, 2021
published on September 8, 2021

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Hi there and welcome back!

Oh, but what is self-reflection without showing yourself some compassion?

I want you to #SmashYourCeiling, but not at the expense of losing who you are. Self-acceptance is as much a part of changing for the better as any other. You see, there are things about you that you cannot change – at least not without losing the fundamental make-up of who you are.

We spoke about self-acceptance before and in that blog post, I mentioned that you can’t change some parts of yourself, like your height. To go even further, following our last blog, we looked at love languages and how we love others as we want to be loved.

Sometimes, though, our experience, especially when it comes to love, can change our perspective drastically. Getting back on track can be harder than it may seem.

Considering this, one must show compassion to oneself by appreciating who we are and accepting some parts of us that may be deemed as flaws.

For instance, you may think that you’re weird, but that this is a learned belief and we need to examine where it comes from. – this could be through the viewpoint of someone else. Whether you are, or not depends on what power you give to this definition.

Acceptance of self is, like the best lessons of life, easier said than done. One must be able to extend a courtesy to oneself and that courtesy is compassion.


Self-acceptance and compassion 


As we continue our journey of self-reflection, it is vital that we consider our own self-acceptance. Particularly so, by reflecting on our compassion.

Self-acceptance is a strength of its own. For some reading on the subject as said before, you may want to consider this book.

Acceptance comes with time – for now, let me leave you with this: Weird is often alongside the word ‘wonderful’. Some experts on the subject may say that you can’t have the weird without the wonderful.

Until next time x


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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