“Success Is Not Final, Failure Is Not Final: It Is The Courage To Continue That Counts” – Winston Churchill – Let’s Talk About Mental Health 4 – Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
BE YOUR BEST SELF - mental health 4
Published on March 18, 2021
published on March 18, 2021

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We have been talking about mental health for the last three days. Mental health is a fundamental part of being our Best Self. It is about balance and living our best life.

Everyone experiences twists and turns in life, from small daily challenges to traumatic events. And each event impacts people and mental health differently.

Yet resilience can help to adapt to life-changing and stressful situations.

Resilience is the ability to adapt well in the face of trauma or significant sources of stress. These can be personal or workplace problems, and financial stressors. Moreover, resilience involves overcoming these difficult experiences.

Adversity in life doesn’t have to determine life’s outcome. 


“Success is not final, failure is not final: it is courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill



Resilience can be developed by focusing on aspects of life you can control. Like growing muscles and going to the gym, building resilience takes time. But it needs to be intentional. 


“Resilience is not an all or nothing. It comes in amounts.

You can be a little resilient, a lot resilient, resilient in some situations but not others.

And, no matter how resilient you are today, you can become more resilient tomorrow” – Karen Reivich


Self-care can positively impact mental health and resilience. Because stress can be physical or emotional, promoting items like proper nutrition, sleep, and regular exercise strengthen the ability to adapt to stress. And can reduce the impact of emotions like anxiety or depression.

It is about focusing on giving your body resources to manage stress rather than seeking to eliminate the feeling of anxiety. Can control v can’t control.

Some useful practices can be mindful journaling and meditation. They can help to deal with situations requiring resilience. And even more so when reflecting on positive aspects of life. Evoking the things you’re grateful for, even during personal trials puts you into a different state of mind.

But please remember, if you are experiencing difficulties, ask for help.

See you tomorrow x


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Change starts from within; that’s why training your consciousness should be your Priority Numero 1 – a daily practice to silence your inner critic.


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