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You see, realising the starting point is a great first step, but without the ‘end point’ for your transformation, you essentially don’t have any direction.
Published on January 24, 2022
published on January 24, 2022

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Hello everyone.

I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend and that you’re ready to smash your ceiling!

Let’s dive straight into today’s discussion. I want to speak about one of the most frequent questions I receive, which is: How do you begin a transformational journey?

The fact that this question is even being asked means that there is a step in the right direction.

You cannot ‘begin’ a transformational journey towards happiness and success without knowing that you need to take action in your life towards what will lead you there.

Asking the right questions is, of course, the first thing that you ought to do. However, you should know that after the question-and-answer phase, is step two: The follow-through phase.

You’ve asked how to begin this journey, and let me tell you now, no journey of change is ever easy. The question I must ask in return is this: Are you willing to not only listen to the answer but also apply it to your life from this very moment?

If you feel that you want to change, but you only want to start next week, or next month, or next year, then let me save you some time. You’re not ready. I promise you, when you are ready, you will jump at the chance to begin immediately.


What is your ‘why’? 


Think of questions as problems, and the answers as solutions.

If you have a problem, you must be willing to apply the solution, but for many, the follow-through can be difficult to execute.

You can read more about the struggles of following through and how to fix it here.

I will, of course, discuss following through further in our blogs to come.

For now, let’s answer the questions about your transformation journey. You see, realising the starting point is a great first step, but without the ‘end point’ for your transformation, you essentially don’t have any direction. Of course, all of this leads to your ‘why’.

  • Why do you want to change?
  • What are you starting your transformation journey for?
  • What do you have as a specific end result in mind?

You can’t embark on a journey without a destination, and why that destination is so important to you. Therefore, to follow through, you need a big enough reason (your answers to all those ‘why’ questions), which in my experience either comes from desperation or inspiration.

For now, I am ecstatic that so many of you are willing to take the first step in the right direction by asking the right questions, the second step is what will provide you with the driving force for your journey. And that, dear readers, enhances your will and determination to put in the work for your happiness and success.

While this may sound like a lot, you should know that most of the issues that block us from our transformations are often in our head, so stop it!

I should know, I wrote the book on the subject. You can buy it directly from me here.

Remember, change begins within.

Until next time x


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Change & Transformation Expert


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Laura xxx

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