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Published on September 22, 2022
published on September 22, 2022

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Hello again, and welcome back as I continue this week to process my feelings about her Majesty’s passing and all related events, and I share my immediate thoughts. In the last two days I talked about holding on to your nearest and dearest and the importance of family. We all tend to think we have more time with our loved ones, and, sometimes, it is true, but sometimes, sadly, it isn’t. Tomorrow night never comes, so share your love today and make sure your goodbyes are filled with love, laughter and appreciation for the time together.




Another thought going through my mind is how important it is to connect with other people and form a shared experience.

I am an only child and a loner by nature, and I tend to process things independently. But I did notice a difference this time. Since hearing of her Majesty’s passing, however, I could not stop watching the continuous news coverage about it, scanning every detail over and over. This was very strange for me, bearing in mind that I had not watched the news for the last few years, including during the Covid pandemic.

One BBC channel covered the Lying in State on a 24/7 basis. But I felt the need to go and pay my respects and say goodbye in person. So I joined the queue to see the coffin.

And there, I met people from all over the UK and abroad ( someone had just landed from Chicago and joined the queue straight from the airport). We cheered each other up when we were feeling tired and cold and shared memories of the past Jubilees and various Royal anecdotes. So many people were there also remembering their loved ones who had passed and relived memories. But together, grief became appreciation, gratitude, lighter, and remembrance.

I saw how the Royal Family took comfort from knowing how many people loved and respected the Queen and were showing their appreciation.

I know that ultimately when you are closing the door, you are alone in your grief. But nevertheless, knowing that you are not alone can be a relief.




It is not all about grief, though. The same came to be said of people paving the street of London for the funeral, to see the coffin go by, to be present. People camped overnight, in the cold, on the floor. And they met new friends in the process to share their moments, amplifying their experiences.

Connection is one of the key human needs; it improves and enhances every occasion we go through, and it either magnifies the joy or alleviates the burden.

Either way, remember whatever you are going through, you are not alone.


See you tomorrow x



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