Embrace Your Power, Perfectly Imperfect – Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
BE YOUR BEST SELF - perfectly imperfect
Published on May 24, 2021
published on May 24, 2021

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Embrace your power, perfectly imperfect to be your Best Self. Yes, that’s right. And no, it is not a contradiction in terms.

When we accept ourselves, we’re able to embrace every part of ourselves unconditionally. There is an awareness of our feelings, behaviour. And our impact on others. We are enough already. So this month I have been promoting self-acceptance and body positivity focusing on health, strength and mental wellbeing. Encouraging women to accept themselves.

Of course, we want to improve but happiness should not be attached to an artificial construct of beauty. But rather a positive self-image.

Self-acceptance is the doorway to our authentic power. Because without self-acceptance, there is no true freedom.





Learning to embrace imperfection and accept your flaws is vital for well-being. And these flaws being perceived or real. Internal or external. Yes, it feels uncomfortable and perhaps frightening.

But what is perfection anyway? It is an unobtainable mirage. Human beings are imperfect by nature. It is was makes us human. So, thriving for perfection is a waste of time. And, quite frankly, it makes you boring.

Firstly, embracing imperfection doesn’t mean becoming lazy or letting go of your goals. Secondly, it does not mean stopping to work on self-development. Finally, and most importantly, it does not stop you from taking responsibility for your actions.

Adopting and welcoming imperfections is simply allowing yourself to be human. Plain and simple.

And embrace your power, perfectly imperfect. Totally fabulous.






How To Be An Imperfectionist



“How To Be An Imperfectionist” by Steven Guise.

This book applies the science of behaviour modification to the cause of perfectionism so that you can actually change your perfectionist mindset.

Available on Amazon.







See you tomorrow  x



Change starts from within; that’s why training your consciousness should be your Priority Numero 1 – a daily practice to silence your inner critic.


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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