Take Life Back In Your Hands: Find Your Vehicle For Success Part 2- Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
October 13, 2022

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Hello again.

The weekend is upon us, but before I start winding down and relaxing, I’d like to finish off yesterday’s topic: taking your life back and finding your vehicle for success.

Yes, if you want to dust off your dreams or pursue new ones, you need to take your life back on track in the right direction towards those goals and be clear about what you want, what motivates you and what is the best vehicle to move you along the way.

We talked about expressing yourself both verbally and visually in a way that is pursuant to your dreams by starting with your self/concept/image and the self-talk necessary based on what you want to be and where you are going. We are talking here about looking at your “actual”. Like it or not, an image is worth a thousand words, and when everybody competes for attention, it does count. So, to go in the direction of your dreams, by now, I hope they are goals; you need to choose an authentic image that expresses where you want to go whilst showcasing your best qualities, both physical and personality-wise.

And then you need to start talking yourself up for the next level, your next vehicle in your career.




Your next vehicle for success is how you can channel and enable your progress. This is not your ultimate career/personal goal but your next step. And you can have how many steps/vehicles as they are necessary for you to move forward. It could be one or ten. It is just up to you. Go as fast or as high as you wish and as you feel comfortable whilst challenging yourself ( after all you DO want to progress in this lifetime right?).

If I can use an analogy it is like planning a trip from Peterborough (a town near London in the South of England) to New York City. Depending on how much time you have for the trip and your possibilities, you could walk up to a border and then swim ( the longest and most arduous) or take a train to London and then fly to New York. Or drive to a port and then sail to New York.

And even after you have chosen the vehicle you have the choice of upgrading if you so wish. The point here is that you cannot do the entire journey with just one vehicle and even then you can have options. The same can be said in our life journey.

So choose your next vehicle, the most fitting to you right now that will take you towards the next destination.

The important thing is moving.



And most of all, have fun.


See you tomorrow x




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Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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