Greener Pastures – Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
The pastures are greener on the other side is already a cliché. You should know that greener pastures are for those who water them
Published on February 11, 2022
published on February 11, 2022

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Hello everyone and welcome back.

I have a question for you: Why do you keep pushing pause on your life?

In my years being a transformation expert, I’ve found that it’s easy for us to want a better future, and in that want, we forget about our present. We push pause on our daily lives, and we don’t enjoy life fully, simply because we believe that we need to wait for our lives to change.

This view that the pastures are greener on the other side is already a cliché. You should know that greener pastures are for those who water them.

In the same light, pausing your life in hopes of it becoming a greener pasture is a far cry from it becoming a reality – especially if you’re not watering your life with passion right now.

Instead, you should make this your best life, and make your moments truly count. Be fully present in every moment, and as I said in a recent blog post, multitasking is a myth!

Remember that while you push pause on your life, life around you will continue, almost uninterrupted. You can live your best life. You can be the best version of yourself. And you can make your pasture greener – it simply begins within!


Make your pasture greener today 


First off, let me say this: You are not alone in this mindset. Thousands of people across the UK, with even larger numbers abroad, suffer from this greener grass syndrome. You can read more about it here

In reality, it comes down to you, and what you’re doing to make the change in your life. Pushing pause only delays the inevitable. However, for you to succeed, you must put in the work.

But here’s the thing:

The work doesn’t have to be mundane, boring, or inconvenient.

It can be fun, exciting, and invigorating if you know how to bring the passion of life into your actions.

That passion must become a habit, and through making everything you do a passionate endeavour, you create a methodology that will persist even when you engage in other activities. In this case, that daunting work to exceed the boundaries of ordinary success.

Make your success extraordinary.

The only way your grass will become greener is if you water it.

So, pour out your passion, smash your ceiling, and invite success into your very being.

You got this!

Until next time x


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Change & Transformation Expert


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