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June 6, 2022

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Hello there, and welcome back!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and managed to enjoy at least a few of the many events to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. It was a glorious weekend, marking the last 70 years in British history, culture, and Her Majesty’s service. The atmosphere around London was priceless. Having a party and celebrating is a sure way down the happiness road, and this one was a ginormous street weekend-long party.

This week we are continuing with the happiness theme; after all, you can never have too much happiness in your life.




We can achieve anything we want to if we decide on it and focus. And that applies to happiness too. But, like everything, it requires continuous focus, which means disciplining yourself to be happy and developing habits to support you.

Healthy habits can be the foundation of a happy life. Why is that?

Well, firstly because being healthy is good. Period. Secondly, building healthy habits means you are more likely to follow through. Humans are creatures of habits; we carry out the majority of tasks during the day unconsciously. So, creating practices that support your health ( and your happiness) will help.

Finally, if you are healthy, you feel good or better and isn’t good health a reason to be happy?

What do I mean by healthy habits:

  • eat well – choose a lifestyle (rather than diet) that works for you and rock it
  • take supplementation if you need extra help in particular areas
  • sleep well – this is crucial – our body regenerates during the night
  • stay away from addictive/harmful substanstances

Simple, non?

See you tomorrow  x


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Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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