Give Yourself Some Slack, It’s OK To … – Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
March 31, 2021

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The practice to silence our bitchy inner critic continues today by giving ourselves some slack for the shortcuts we sometimes take to make our lives easier. And considering the pandemic and all the re-adjustments we had to make, we definitely deserve some slack.

So, I’m saying it’s OK.

It’s OK to do a Zoom call only half-dressed (bottom-up); remember not to stand up when the camera is on.

It’s OK to be off-camera and on mute during a Zoom call to go to the loo (hey, nature calls when it calls).

It’s also OK to take a break during the day (a proper one) even if you work from home. What matters is output and results, not how many hours you spend “on screen”.

Lockdown has been here and gone, and then back again. And perhaps it will make a periodic reappearance. Who knows.

Life has challenges, and whatever helps to keep you going and moving forward – do it. It’s OK.


See you tomorrow x


Change starts from within; that’s why training your consciousness should be your Priority Numero 1 – a daily practice to silence your inner critic.


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Change & Transformation Expert


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