Jump Start Your New Self-Image This Weekend, The Time Is Now For Your New Life- Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
Published on September 2, 2022
published on September 2, 2022

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Hello there, and Happy Friday.

Where has the week gone?

This week we discussed reviewing the summer season, taking stock of what has happened so far and then starting the new life you want right now. A New Year and a New Life can start anytime; you just need to decide. If you are not particularly happy with some aspects of your life right now, start with those first.

But to change your life, you need to change your self-image. If you are not particularly happy with some aspects of your life right now, I’d suggest starting looking at those first.




That’s right, your self-image/self-concept, that old chestnut again.

Self-image/concept affects every single part of our lives. If our image is low in some areas of our lives, those areas will reflect it. And by default, elevating our self-image is the key to success and happiness in all areas of our life.

There is no need to worry, though: you can recreate your self-concept/image, improve it and make a tremendous difference quickly. As a matter of fact, you can jump-start your new self-image in a weekend.

How? With your inner conversations, how you talk about yourself to yourself (if you are doing it out loud, you might want to do it when you are alone. Otherwise, have a “mental conversation”, e.g. silently).

Think about which area of your life you’d like to start with, and then start describing yourself as someone who already has the things you want in the particular area. Your subconscious mind hasn’t got eyes; it cannot see the “reality”; it only hears what you say.

So, for example, do you want to build up your relationship with people, in general, and be more confident? Then keep saying to yourself:

” I am so confident. I always know what to say, and do. Everybody loves being around me and talking to me”.

Keep saying it until it is reflected to you. And when it does, it is done.


See you and your more confident self on Monday. Have a lovely weekend x




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Laura Mariani

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