Menopause – Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
This stage of life comes with many changes. We may feel that these changes affect our lifestyle and our choices.
Published on October 18, 2021
published on October 18, 2021

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Hello everyone!

Welcome back. There is a famous saying: With age comes wisdom – or so they say. However, what I do know is that with age comes menopause, and that much is an absolute certainty.

This stage of life comes with many changes. We may feel that these changes affect our lifestyle and our choices. But let me tell you this: The only thing that affects your lifestyle is your decision in the matter. You decide what you want to do, how you want to do it, and most certainly, how you want to feel about it.

Of course, there is the adage of ‘you’re only as old as you feel’. I recently spoke about it and cleared up some of the issues. However, there is another side to things. And that is, what life has in store for you now that you’re at this point.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.


How does menopause affect me? 


Minus the fact that menopause will most certainly occur, the changes you face have everything to do with your self-image.

As said previously, self-image is about how you view yourself from all angles. Whether this viewpoint is physical, emotional, or even financial, it is up to you and how you allow it to dictate your life moving forward.

Physically, when it comes to menopause, there is no choice.

The choice, however, is the mental attitude that we have when we deal with this phase of life. For instance, thinking that you’re old, that you’re done for – I assure you, you will start feeling those aches and pains. You will unravel and you most certainly will become old.

For a little bit of inspiration, read up on Johanna Quaas, here.

I like to view this as the beginning of a brand-new chapter in your book of life.

And sure, you may not be the same physically as you were twenty or thirty years ago, but nor are you the same person emotionally, or intellectually.

So, does wisdom come with age? Well, that is entirely up to you.

See you soon x





Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

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