“Persistence Is The Key To A Change In Life” – Neville Goddard – A Monday Morning Pep Talk – Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
Published on September 5, 2022
published on September 5, 2022

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Hello again, and Happy Monday.

I hope you had a glorious weekend.

Last week we discussed reviewing the summer season, taking stock of what has happened so far and then starting the new life you want right now. A New Year and a New Life can start anytime; you just need to decide. If you are not particularly happy with some aspects of your life right now, start with those first. We concluded on Friday with a challenge for you: jump-starting your new self-image over the weekend.

How did that go? Good, not so good? Did you try at all?




Your life (mine, everybody’s) reflects our thoughts and beliefs. The type of person we think we are regarding any particular subject, like money, love, career, etc. But the beauty of it is that we can change whatever we want at any time.

I think the big challenge with this topic is that besides being empowering ( I mean, we are in control of everything, and everyone is us pushed out our reflection – it doesn’t get more empowering than that), it is also very scary for exactly the same reason. It is much easier to blame some external power, other people. Plus, we think it’s hard. But it isn’t really.

We are what we think. You have been thinking all the time, all your life and it is reflecting back at you right now.

All you need to do is change your thoughts now, stand at the wheel and direct your life.

But you must keep saying and practising your new thoughts until they ‘materialise’ and appear in your life.

And for this, my friends, you need consistency and self-discipline; there is no other way about it. Love yourself enough to consistently apply yourself for what you want to see in your life rather than what shows up.

And with that thought, I’ll see you tomorrow x




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