Preparation for 2022- Be Your Best Self – A Daily Practice To Silence Your Inner Critic
These are just a few questions to get you started on your 2022 preparations. But, as you know, all preparation begins with you.
Published on December 29, 2021
published on December 29, 2021

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Hello everyone.

So, Christmas is done and dusted. That means that 2022 is on our doorstep. And that spells the beginning of the preparation for our work.

Yes, work!

First of all, don’t make resolutions – they don’t work.

You can read more about that here Instead, make a promise to yourself, set a goal and then live up to that promise.

For now, get those journals out and let’s begin!

There are three steps to progress, and it is always based on three things, namely: 1. Your history, 2. The present, and 3. Your future

And no, we’re not going to deep dive into the past right now. However, we are going to look at your year. Here are some questions for you to answer:

  • How was 2021 for you?
  • If you could change anything about this year, what would it be?
  • Did you treat yourself for your birthday this year?
  • On average, did you have more happy days or sad days?
  • What did you achieve out of all your goals for 2021?


I don’t know what your answers will be, and I do hope that they are positive.

If not, don’t fret – it isn’t too late to make a change so that when you’re doing this exercise next year, your answers will be amazing!

Now, about your present:

  • Are you currently happy?
  • Did you take a moment for positive affirmations today?
  • Today, did you make any mistakes today?
  • Do you forgive yourself for any mistakes made?
  • Have you written in your journal at all?

See where I am going with this?

For your ‘future’ questions, ask the following:

  • Where do you see yourself at the end of next year?
  • Are you on track to getting there?
  • If not, what is standing in your way?
  • What will you be doing differently in the year to come?
  • Have you written out your plan for your success?

These are just a few questions to get you started on your 2022 preparations. But, as you know, all preparation begins with you.


Preparation begins with you! 


As I so often say, change begins within, therefore, your preparation begins with you.

And I could give you a hundred prompts, but if you’re not willing to put in the work on your side, nothing will ever be achieved.

So, you need to stop it, negatively regarding yourself could just be in your head.

Now, you know that you can obtain your dreams, and as the saying goes: If your dreams don’t frighten you, they aren’t big enough.

So, dream big, and fly and smash your ceiling!

Until next time x


Laura Mariani

Laura Mariani

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Change & Transformation Expert


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